A Small Man With A Big Dream For The Big Top


Thanks to IndieCan Enertainment, Bizarre: A Circus Story is now available to watch on iTunes and Vimeo On Demand! Available for download in US and Canada on November 1st, 2016! WOOOHOOO!






Nominated for Jury Award for Best Documentary at SBIFF!

We're honored to be nominated for Best Documentary Jury Award at the Santa Barbara Interational Film Festival, where we shared our World Premiere as well. THANK YOU!

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A Weird Pixel Production in association with Circus Center 

Director/Producer/Editor: Meg Pinsonneault

Sales Agency: Shoreline Entertainment

North American Distribution: IndieCan Entertainment

World Premiere: 2016 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Awards: Jury Award Nomination for Best Documentary at SBIFF

Running Time: 63 minutes

Release Date: iTunes & Vimeo On Demand November 1st, 2016 (Preorder October 1st, 2016)



Bizarre: A Circus Story takes an intimate look at the extraordinary life of Master Lu Yi, hailed as the father of modern acrobatics, and the vast community of big-top lovers who share his dream of a thriving US circus industry.



Bizarre: A Circus Story is a unique tale about passion, triumph, and heartache. Part portraiture, it centers around Master Lu Yi, revered as the father of modern acrobatics. It follows his fascinating life story with all the victories, grief, and wisdom of a 75-year-old circus master. From his rise among the Communist Party as an acrobatic leader to his time as a prisoner during China’s Cultural Revolution, Master Lu Yi’s triumph to freedom is nothing short of a miracle. Known among his students as “Johnny Appleseed,” he has been spreading his love and knowledge of the circus for over 50 years. Based at the Circus Center in the heart of San Francisco, he continues to build his legion of circus lovers. But it takes more than just talent and training to survive in the circus. It’s grueling, competitive, and painful.


Bizarre: A Circus Story is also part performance based and features breathtaking performances by members of the circus community. From world-renowned artists with Cirque Du Soleil to rising youth artists, these performers have dedicated their lives to this special art form. Shot entirely on the RED Epic and Phantom Flex, these unique performances use super slow motion to provide a rare and unique glimpse at the raw strength, talent and poise it requires to be a circus performer. This extraordinary story is proof that this ancient tradition not only continues to thrive, it’s evolving in the modern world.


About the Filmmaker:

Meg Pinsonneault is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and writer in the LA area. Her films have screened at over two dozen internationl film festivals, winning many awards along the way. She is a contributing member to the invite-only stock photography and video website, Stocksy. Her work has been featured on Indiewire, Kodak, Yahoo!, Outdoor Magazine, Moveon.org, GOOD, and many others. Meg is the founder and CEO of Weird Pixel, the production company behind this film and Bizarre: A Circus Story is her first feature documentary. More Info: www.welcometoweird.com


About Circus Center:

Circus Center’s mission is to inspire passion for circus arts through training, performance, and community outreach. It is the Bay Area’s oldest 501©(3) non-profit circus performing arts education facility, specializing in acrobatics, aerial arts, circus skills, and clown. Circus Center offers all levels of training for children and adults, ages 7 and up. More info: www.circuscenter.org


About Shoreline Entertainment:

Shoreline Entertainment is a Worldwide Sales Agent, Production Company and Management Entity. Established in 1992, it is one of the longest running, most prolific, and most highly-respected companies in the film industry. Shoreline is an eminent annual participant at more than a dozen major media markets and countless festivals, where it initiates or cultivates strong, steady relationships with over a thousand content distributors, festival programmers, and broadcasters every year. 


"tOP 30 MUST-SEE MOVIES AT SANTA BARBARA FILM FESTIVAL...                     ...a jubilant mix of interviews and beautifully artful circus pieces.”                                                            -SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT



* Available on iTunes in US & Canada  

* Jury Award Nomination for Best Documentary at SBIFF

* World Premiere at Santa Barbara International Film Festival

* Represented by Shoreline Entertainment

* Distributed by IndieCan Entertainment

* Voted 30 Top Must-See Films at SBIFF by Santa Barbara Independent

* Inflight Entertainment on Singapore Airlines (Feb-April 2016)

* Inflight Entertainment on Air Canada (Aug-Oct 2016)


"From its imagery opening, this engaging, gorgeously shot documentary offers a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the passionate and compassionate mind of a legendary circus artist. The filmmaker is an acrobat herself, delicately balancing stunning visuals with an inspiring story that deserves to be seen."

Jesse Rosen, Volition Films

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